The World According to Trump

April 14, 2017 Daily React 0

By Robert Reich, The starkest difference between dictatorships and democracies is that democracies are ruled by laws, and dictatorships are ruled by dictators. The “rule of law,” as it’s often referred to, stands for laws that emerge from a process […]

Do Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have too much power?

April 13, 2017 Daily React 0

by Henry F. (Chip) Carey, Georgia State University Much attention has been focused recently on President Trump’s “new” foreign policy. This policy change is symbolized by the U.S. missile attack on Syria’s Shayrat airfield, which followed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s alleged […]

Planned Parenthood Could Lose Millions of Dollars

April 13, 2017 Daily React 0

Planned Parenthood could soon lose tens of millions of dollars in federal funding. On Thursday, President Donald Trump is expected to repeal an Obama administration measure that prevents states from defunding family planning organizations that provide abortions. Here’s how we […]

You Pay Your Fair Share. Shouldn’t Wall Street?

April 13, 2017 Daily React 0

Wall Street banks typically pay much less than the official 35 percent corporate tax rate. And yet after attacking Hillary Clinton for her ties to Wall Street, President Donald Trump is pushing reforms that would make it even easier for big banks to rig the tax rules and skip out on paying their fair share.

Why Trump Was Able to Sucker the World on Syria

April 13, 2017 Daily React 0

It is pretty amazing how quickly the media and suck-up politicians can transform a mendacious, hypocritical, amateurish, ignorant, incoherent, bigoted buffoon who is way, way out of his depth into a man of courage, which is what they did to President Trump this past weekend. All it takes is some saber rattling and launching a few dozen missiles.