Robert Reich: Impeach Him Now

June 9, 2017 Daily React 0

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) is already drafting articles of impeachment related to Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, believing there’s enough evidence of Trump’s obstruction of justice to begin an impeachment inquiry

Bill Moyers: Do the Right Thing, Democrats

April 5, 2017 Daily React 0

by Bill Moyers In Neil Gorsuch, the corporate class have their perfect manservant for the Supreme Court. He looks the part: tall, handsome, greying (at 50), charming and erudite, every inch a gentleman. His pedigree glistens: He went to the […]

Missouri’s Failing Public Defender System

March 14, 2017 Daily React 0

The state’s public defenders don’t have the time or resources to provide adequate legal representation and are unable to talk to their clients about possible witnesses, exculpatory evidence, plea negotiations, or trial strategy.